Welcome to the other side!

This site exists as a clearing house and support system for articles that clearly would not be promoted by big pharma, as the articles supported here rarely if ever would present any great profit making opportunity. I hope this is useful for all those who seek the truth surrounding these issues.

Big money is corrupting people in medicine, psychiatry, and the government. Power corrupts and there is no better example than Big Pharma. Our goal is to expose this and to support those individuals and groups who are also working for absolute transparency. We are here to provide David’s side. The Goliath is already well represented.

When you look at other sites, pay special attention to their sponsors. Often the website will support the intentions of their sponsors, to either sell more drugs, or to sell some other form of quackery. This is the reason this issue is not attacked in major media. The drug companies now spend billions on ads to support major media and this discourages any responsible reporting of what is a medical calamity.

If this site ever accepts advertising we will tell you straight up who our advertisers are and try and ensure that if a profit is made, it will be made in a very transparent way. There will be no back door editorial decisions.

We also enlist the help of any of you who understand the need to counter the enormous dollars that come from addicting people (including the helpless- elderly and children) to psychoactive drugs for life. we have no sponsors because we aren’t selling, but if you’d like to help this website in anyway, we are listening.

Our goal is to provide a site that stores important information on all the major drug companies, especially information they do not want you to see. We hope this information is there for people to use in legal cases or in helping to develop legislation to counter the current state of affairs.

Big Pharma plays the game of attrition and capitalizes on the disorganization and poor funding of the opposition.   They often dismiss the opposition for some wacky reason or another, but the approaches that lead to drug dependency for life highlight a truly wacky and for the most part highly unscientific approach.  Money is the big motivator. Addiction is big business, and peoples’ lives can be ruined and their right to self-determination taken away by these drugs with the compliance of Doctors, working, sometimes with little training within the psychiatric profession.

Let’s make sure that the other side is heard and all relevant information stays in the forefront. Once on these drugs, the will to decide can be taken away by the very drugs themselves and mental illness itself can be induced. This arguably part of the reason that rates of diagnosed mental illnesses are skyrocketing, but who wants to pay to find out? Certainly not the pharmaceutical industry.  They pay to pull the wool over your eyes.  The decision to use these drugs must be considered in the weight of all evidence, not just for the advertising and big money interests of the pharmaceutical lobby.

Tom Yesberger, Editor

January 2015